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Курган - 2009


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Задание 2

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Список используемой литературы

Задание 1

Put the correct form of the verb -to be- and the suitable prepositions. Translate into Russian

1. We … students… the Academy.

2. I…an economist..

3. She … a student …the Social-Economic department.

4. The Academy… situated… the center… the city.

5. There… 2 departments …the Academy.

Вставьте правильную форму глагола «быть» и подходящий предлог. Переведите на русский язык.

1. We are students of the Academy. - Мы студенты Академии.

2. I am an economist.. - Я экономист.

3. She is a student of the Social-Economic department. - Она студентка социально-экономического отделения.

4. The Academy is situated in the center of the city. - Академия расположена в центре города.

5. There are 2 departments in the Academy. - В Академии 2 отделения.

Задание 2

Complete these questions with the verb-to have- Some are present and some are past.

Example: Have you got a pen I could borrow?

Why are you holding your face like that...a toothache?

….a bicycle when you were a child?

"….the time, please?" "Yes, it`s 8.30

When you did the exam,…time to answer all the questions?

I need a stamp for this letter, …you … one?

Дополнить эти вопросы глаголом «иметь». Некоторые в настоящем и некоторые в прошедшем времени.

Why are you holding your face like that have a toothache?

Did you have a bicycle when you were a child?

"Have the time, please?" "Yes, it`s 8.30

When you did the exam, had time to answer all the questions?

I need a stamp for this letter, have you one?

Задание 3

Write these nouns in the plural form.

Example: sister-sisters

Book, friend, day, city, match, bench, man, woman, house, sheep, box, fox,

family, number, university, error, text, flower, tooth, foot, child.

Напишите эти существительные во множественном числе.

Book - books, friend - friends, day - days, city - cities, match - matches, bench - benches, man - men, woman - women, house - houses, sheep - sheep, box - boxes, fox - foxes,

family - families, number - numbers, university - universities, error - errors, text - texts, flower - flowers, tooth - teeth, foot - feet, child - children.

Задание 4

Complete these sentences with the necessary form of the adjective in brackets.

Britain is….than Sweden.(small)

Thailand is ….than Sweden.(hot)

Britain is ….than Thailand.(dry)

Thailand has the ….armed forces of the three countries.(big)

The children in Thailand are ….when they start school than the children in Sweden.(old)

Sweden is the ….of the three countries.(cold)

Дополните эти предложения необходимой формой прилагательных, укказанных в скобках.

Britain is smaller than Sweden.

Thailand is hotter than Sweden.

Britain is drier than Thailand.

Thailand has the biggest armed forces of the three countries.

The children in Thailand are older when they start school than the children in Sweden.

Sweden is the coldest of the three countries.

Задание 5

Put the verb in the following sentences in the Present Continuous.

He (to buy) a new car.

I (to work) hard at my English.

The secretary (to sit) at the computer and (to type) documents.

They (to discuss) important questions at the meeting.

The managers (to try) to make the right decision.

We (not to go) to the University on Sunday.

She (not to serve) the customers.

Поставьте глаголы в данных предложениях в настоящем продолжительном времени.

He is buying a new car.

I am working hard at my English.

The secretary is sitting at the computer and typing documents.

They are discussing important questions at the meeting.

The managers are trying to make the right decision.

We are not going to the University on Sunday.

She is not serving the customers.

Задание 6

Use the verb in brackets either in the Present Continuous or Present Perfect.

What are they (to talk) about?

We have just (to talk) about it.

He has just (to say) something about it.

She is (to tell) them some interesting story.

He has (to tell) us nothing about it.

We have (to have) two lectures today.

She has not (to speak) to them yet.

What language are you (to study)?

We have already (to learn) a lot of new words.

What is she (to teach) them?

Используйте глаголы в скобках или в настоящем продолжительном или в настоящем завершенном времени.

What are they talking about?

We have just talked about it.

He has just seen something about it.

She is telling them some interesting story.

He has told us nothing about it.

We have had two lectures today.

She has not spoken to them yet.

What language are you studying?

We have already learned a lot of new words.

What is she teaching them?

Задание 7

Use the verb in brackets either in the Present Perfect, Present Continuous, Present Simple or Past Simple.

Please give me a pencil, I (to lose) mine.

I (not to meet) Peter since Monday.

Nina just (to finish) work.

You (to see) Jack today?-Yes, I (to see) him at the University.

What you (to do) here at such a late hour? You (to write) your thesis?-No, I (to write) it already. I (to work) at my report.-And when you (to write) your thesis?-I (to finish) it two days ago.

What the weather (to be) like? It still (to rain)?-No, it (to stop) raining.

Используйте глаголы в скобках или в настоящем совершенном, или внестоящем длительном, или в простом настоящем или в простом прошедшем времени.

Please give me a pencil, I lost mine.

I did not meet Peter since Monday.

Nina has just finished work.

Did you see Jack today? - Yes, I saw him at the University.

What did you do here at such a late hour? Did you to write your thesis?-No, I had written it already. I am working at my report.- And when did you write your thesis? - I finished it two days ago.

What is the weather like? Is it still raining? - No, rain is stop.

Задание 8

Write the sentences forbidding doing things using the verb-must- with one of the following verbs: smoke, drink, drive, cross, play, open.

Example: You mustn`t talk loudly in the library.

….football in the park.

….from this bottle.

….in this room.

….this door.

….this road.

….down this street.

Напишите предложения используя глагол «должен» с одним из предложенных глаголов: курить, пить, ездить, пересекать, играть, открывать.

You must play football in the park.

You mustn't drink from this bottle.

You mustn't smoke in this room.

You must open this door.

You must cross this road.

You must drive down this street.

Задание 9

Use the verb -can- with one of the following verbs: buy, type, hear, see, play, make.

The telephone is ringing. I….it.

Mrs Dawson has got some vegetables. She….soup.

There is a car in our street. We….it.

The boys have got a ball. They….cricket.

They have got some money. They….some food.

Mary has got a computer. She….a letter.

Используйте глагол «мочь, уметь» с одним из предложенных глаголов: покупать, писать, слышать, видеть, играть, делать.

The telephone is ringing. I can hear it.

Mrs. Dawson has got some vegetables. She can make a soup.

There is a car in our street. We can see .it.

The boys have got a ball. They can play cricket.

They have got some money. The buy some food.

Mary has got a computer. She can type a letter.

Задание 10

Translate sentences into English.

1. Законы спроса и предложения - основные экономические законы.

2. Многие факторы влияют на цены и заработные платы.

3. Цены на сырье повысились.

4. Выпуск товаров на экспорт снизился.

5. Прибыль компании растет.

6. Они улучшили вкус, упаковку и дизайн нового продукта.

7. Я умею говорить по-английски.

8. Моя сестра не умеет кататься на коньках.

9. Она не может вас понять, потому что не говорит по-французски.

10. В прошлом году он не умел составлять финансовый отчет, а сейчас умеет.

Переведите на английский язык.

1. Laws of demand and offer are fundamental economic laws.

2. Many factors are influence upon prices and salaries.

3. Prices on raw materials increased.

4. Issue goods on export lower.

5. Company profit grows.

6. They have improved the taste, packing and design of the new product.

7. I can speak in English.

8. My sisters can't skates.

9. She can't understand you, because she does not speak on French.

10. Last year he did not know how to form the financial statement, and now he can.

11. Must be, it's very difficult to solve such problems.

Задание 11

Translate the article into Russian.

A Mixed Economy: The Role of the Market/continued/

There are limits to free enterprise, however. Americans have always believed that some services are better performed by public rather than private enterprise. For instance, in the United States, government is primarily responsible for the administration of justice, education (although there are many private schools and training centers), the road system, social statistical reporting, and national defense. In addition, government often is asked to intervene in the economy to correct situations in which the price system does not work. It regulates "natural monopolies," for example, and it uses antitrust laws to control or break up other business combinations that become so powerful that they can surmount market forces. Government also addresses issues beyond the reach of market forces. It provides welfare and unemployment benefits to people who cannot support themselves, either because they encounter problems in their personal lives or lose their jobs as a result of economic upheaval; it pays much of the cost of medical care for the aged and those who live in poverty; it regulates private industry to limit air and water pollution; it provides low-cost loans to people who suffer losses as a result of natural disasters; and it has played the leading role in the exploration of space, which is too expensive for any private enterprise to handle.

In this mixed economy, individuals can help guide the economy not only through the choices they make as consumers but through the votes they cast for officials who shape economic policy. In recent years, consumers have voiced concerns about product safety, environmental threats posed by certain industrial practices, and potential health risks citizens may face; government has responded by creating agencies to protect consumer interests and promote the general public welfare.

The U.S. economy has changed in other ways as well. The population and the labor force have shifted dramatically away from farms to cities, from fields to factories, and, above all, to service industries. In today's economy, the providers of personal and public services far outnumber producers of agricultural and manufactured goods. As the economy has grown more complex, statistics also reveal over the last century a sharp long-term trend away from self-employment toward working for others.

Переведите статью на русский язык.

Смешанная экономика: роль рынка (продолжение).

Однако, у свободного предпринимательства есть границы. Американцы всегда верили, что некоторые услуги выполняются лучше государственными, чем частными предприятиями. Например, в США первоначально правительство ответственно за законодательство, за образование (хотя очень много частных школ и центров обучения), за систему дорог, за общественные статистические отчеты и за национальную защиту. Кроме того, правительство вмешивается в экономику, чтобы корректировать ситуации, в которых система цен не работает. Оно регулирует «естественные монополии», например, оно использует антитрестовские законы для управления и прерывания других бизнесов, которые становятся такими мощными, что могут преодолеть рыночную силу. Правительство так же решает вопросы рабочей силы. Оно обеспечивает благосостояние и пособия безработным людям, которые не могут содержать сами себя, или из-за проблем в личной жизни, или теряют рабочие места в результате экономического переворота, оно оплачивает большинство медицинских услуг для пожилых или для бедных людей, оно регулирует частную промышленность для ограничения загрязнении воздуха и воды, и обеспечивает дешевые займы людям, которые понесли потери в результате стихийных бедствий, и оно играет ведущую роль в исследовании пространства, которое очень дорого для некоторых частных предприятий.

В этой смешанной экономике, индивидуумы могут помочь руководителям экономики не только через выборы, которые они делают как потребители, но и через голосование за представителей, которые формируют экономическую политику. В течение последних лет, потребители высказали беспокойство о безопасности продуктов, об угрозе окружающей среде от определенных промышленных методов и о вероятности столкновения граждан с потенциальным риском для здоровья, правительство ответило, создавая агентства, которые защищают интересы покупателей и повышают благосостояние общества.

Экономика США изменилась и в других отношениях. Население и рабочие перешли от ферм к городам, от полей к заводам, и больше всего к обслуживанию производства. В сегодняшней экономике, поставщики персональных и общественных услуг численно превосходят производителей сельскохозяйственных и промышленных товаров. Так экономика вырастила большой комплекс, статистика показывает по сравнению с прошлым веком острое долгосрочное направление от само занятости к работе для других.

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